Other than glass, ceramics, crystal, etc. one of the most popular materials for making cookware and utensils is; stainless steel. In 1913, the first time steel was manufactured. But then it was not made to manufactured kitchenware but for making weapons. 

Iron mixed with carbon made iron stronger and durable. But, then, iron does tend to erode and corrode. To avoid that chromium was mixed with steel, which made it resistant to corrosion. It made stainless steel corrosion-free by adding a layer of chromium oxide and made it shiny and strong.

It is the reason why stainless steel is mandated to be safe for cooking and storing food items. It is regulated that stainless steel should have 16 percent of chromium in it. 

There are several grades of stainless steel, and they are used for manufacturing different types of products. Everyone should be careful before picking stainless steel kitchenware manufacturers in India.

Benefits of stainless steel

Some of the reasons why stainless steel is said to be a good option for making cookware are:

  • No reaction: the stainless steel is non-reactive and thus does not react with acidic compounds. It makes it safer for making and storing food.
  • Shiny: stainless steel has an unbeatable luster. Also, high-grade stainless steel will not lose its shine quickly.
  • Durable: stainless steel is highly durable and does not get damaged any quick. Also, the heat resistance of stainless steel is very high.
  • Versatile cooking: stainless steel can be quite effective in all types of cooking. One can boil, sauté, fry, steam, etc. using steel utensils. Also, it can endure higher temperatures making it perfect for searing and frying.
  • Affordable: stainless steel is durable and is much cheaper than other options. Thus, one can get good value of their money spent. 
  • Easy maintenance: marinating steel utensils is easy. One can easily scrub them and wash them. Also, a simple vinegar solution helps bring the shine of the steel back. 
  • Choosing the right utensil
  • There are several types of utensils made of stainless steel in the market. But one should choose the one that is safe, durable, and give value to money. Here are some things to consider.
  • Manufacture: always look at the manufacture of the cookware. Good brand equates to good quality. One can also read reviews to know more about the stainless steel kitchen utensils in India and the product quality.
  • Grade of steel: higher grade of steel means more quality. The steel is graded as per their durability, composition, and their safety. One should choose high graded stainless steel only for daily cookware. 
  • Core: the core is the bottom plate of copper or aluminium that allows better heat conduction, as steel itself does not conduct good heat. Thicker the core better will be the heat conduction and will spread heat quickly. Keep in mind that, thicker core means more expensive. Also, the copper core is pricier than the aluminum core. 
  • Weight: always check the weight of the steel utensil before buying. Heavier weight means better heat conduction and also better durability. However, more weight equals more cost. 

Stainless steel utensils are a great way to make one’s kitchen look great and, also give it a more durable touch. However, one should invest in high-quality steel utensils for better usage and longer life.